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Faq - Frequently Asked Questions

Technical area

1. How can I update my device?

Mobile app updates will be automatically notified and available on the AppStore and PlayStore, while product firmware updates will be notified via app and executable via the appropriate “The Meter – Doctor” on the respective stores.

2. How does it perform with glass/transparent/semi-transparent/glossy surfaces?

The Meter, thanks to its dual detection system, captures most surfaces,  transparent or reflective surface makes trouble.

3. What is the degree of accuracy of the detected measurement?

The Meter CUBE detects one point every 0.45 degrees, for a total of 800 points up to 30 meters away, while The Meter CUBE PRO has a degree of accuracy of one point every 0.225 degrees, for a total of 1600 points up to 60 meters away.

4. What type of file is generated by The Meter?

The file that is generated is a multilayer .DXF, within 3 simplify level,  compatible and editable by all drawing programs.

5. What distance does the device reach?

The Meter CUBE mounts a 30-meter laser, while The Meter CUBE PRO mounts a 60-meter laser. Both can double up, placing the device in the center of the environment.

6. Can external surveys be performed?

The Meter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor space surveying. Thanks to its advanced technology, it can operate in all light conditions.

7. Will the rooms have to be empty?

No. If there are any obstacles, just place The Meter in the next location so you can detect the points that have remained hidden.

8. Can it also work vertically?

Certainly. Thanks to the tripod screw, side bubble and accelerometer for alignment, The Meter can be placed vertically to measure the section.

9. How are the detections saved? (BETA Q2)

Use the available space on your smartphone or choose our cloud storage service.

10. How does the connection between one room and another occur? (BETA Q1)

In automatic mode just shoot an ancor point and move the CUBE or CUBEPRO in the area suggested by the app and proceed with a new detection. For more information see the automatic mode guide.

Administrative area

1. We are an associate firm, can we purchase a product that can be used by multiple users?

Of course! Through our cloud storage service, each user will be able to access their account containing their readings using a unique The Meter.

2. How long is the warranty?

For individuals, the warranty for manufacturing defects has an expected duration of 2 years, while for companies it is 12 months. 

Commercial Area

1. Is there a discount for purchases over one unit?

Yes! Contact us and we’ll introduce you to our offers.

2. Is it possible to buy with financing?

Certainly: we rely on the installment system offered by PayPal for anyone with a PayPal account.

3. Before buying, is it possible to test the product?

You can test The Meter products at our offices. Very soon it will also be possible to test them through the professional orders or our points of agreement scattered throughout Italy.

4. Is it possible to purchase the product from a location outside of Italy?

Yes: you can purchase The Meter products worldwide. Price, shipping time and customs costs may vary by country.

Customer Assistance

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