Manual Settings

Welcome to The Meter Manual Mode guide.

1.Start up and positioning

Turn ON THE METER CUBE or CUBE PRO and connect it via bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. Then, place it in the center of the area or in the point you want to start your survey.

2. Point-by-point detection

Using the arrows on the control screen, position the laser pointer on the first point to be detected and capture it. Once done, rotate THE METER CUBE or CUBE PRO towards one second target. You can decide whether to merge the captured points or save them individually. Through the selection system you can decide to mark each point with previously configured labels. For each survey, you can also view the plan and decide whether to continue with the survey or stop.

3.Maximum flexibility

The manual mode gives you maximum freedom of measurement: you can repeat the operation as many times as you want, in a few simple steps.

4.Smart saving

You can check the floor plan at any time and decide whether to share it, store it on the cloud or save it on your smartphone or tablet.