Unprecedented versatility

Scopri le modalità di The Meter

Choose your setting.

The Meter works with four different modes: automatic, manual, rangefinder and real-time.
Survey the area 360°, proceed with no interruptions, or easily select your points in manual mode.

Automatic setting.

Place The Meter in the optimal position and connect it to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth.
Then, just start your survey: The Meter will analyze the space 360° and reproduce a detailed planimetry directly on your screen.

Manual setting.

Choose exactly what you want to measure: place the laser tag on the first point of interest and decide which points you should measure next, using the selection buttons.
Manage your planimetry anytime and save it on the cloud platform, share it or
save it on your smartphone or tablet.

Rangefinder setting.

Using The Meter as a rangefinder is easy and intuitive: you just need to activate this setting  from the APP and press the lateral button on the tool every time you need to update your data.

Real-time setting.

The Meter  also works as a continuous rangefinder: start a continuous survey
by pressing the PLAY button on the APP. The data will be shown on your screen and updated in real-time.

Complete functions.
Ready at hand.

The Meter is available in two models CUBE and CUBE PRO.
With four modes available and the performance of a total station at the price of a laptop.